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My favorite youtube channel ( peak moment ) did a video about a video about an organization that’s devoted to easing the transition from the battle field to civilian life for veterans recently.

Having been anti-war all my life, i find the idea of shifting from destruction to creation rather touching and figured i’d share..

Here is another organization doing the same thing:

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Dear readers;

I posted my article about xenoestrogens to various sites and received a mixture of reactions ranging from ‘this is a load of pseudoscience bs’ to ‘holy shit, you’re right, thank you!’. All in all, this article has been the most popular article i have ever written in my short few months of serious blogging.

I wanted to thank both the haters and the appreciators of that article, right here. This spurred me to revise and improve the article. Those who criticized the article appeared to have valid points at first, and then i further researched what they were saying and found that my argument was actually on-point, and that the spectrum of external estrogen influence was even greater than i suspected. The article ended up being tempered in fire and came out stronger as a result.

For those who appreciated the article, i have a link dump of new and interesting information for you at the bottom of this article.

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I have been doing some pretty heavy reading about hormones recently, after reading a study showing that milk was chock full of estrogen. This essay is designed to shine a light on a swath of the dietary and environmental sources of hormones that we ingest on a daily basis in today’s time, and why it is important that men and women avoid these extra hormones at all costs.

Bear with me, this is going to be a long ride down the rabbit hole, neo..

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I have major sinus problems every spring due to allergies. These can get so bad that they turn into a sinus infection.

Out of fear of needing yet another round of strong antibiotics, i did some research online about sinus infections and found this blog and the video here, which shows that this “$25″ filter can perform about 90% well as a 900$ filter. Pretty amazing:

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