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Amps.. amps.. AMPS!


Hello folks. Been meaning to get around to making a newbie tutorial for 10S RC lipo charging for a while now. Here goes.

10S ( 36v/38v ) is very easy to live with on a day to day basis; there are a handful of RC chargers that are designed to do 10s, so finding the bits and pieces required is not too difficult. The 38v nominal voltage can easily provide 15-30mph speed on a hub motor ( depending on the motor ).  And best of all, after everything is set up, the charging process is pretty braindead and hard to goof up!

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Don’t buy no-name lithium batteries!

A little background:

Well, i must say that i got suckered into buying a no-name brand battery from a Chinese company recently, after salivating over a “Li-Mn” battery that had a higher energy density ( lower weight, smaller size, higher AH ) than my collection of RC Lipos that i run on my electric bike. Continue reading Don’t buy unknown, no-name Chinese batteries!

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