December 13, 2004

What's up, yoyo? You may be thinking now that gifsyndicate is dead?
Well, you're half right. Jobs, college, girlfriends, and everything
that comes with adulthood has riddled the entire staff, most notably
myself. I've decided to dedicate some of my free time to the site
again and i'm working on a new update.. stay bookmarked ;p

August 26, 2004

bustin' a cap! The second coming is upon you! I just added about 100 new (old?) sprites to our Vampire Savior 2 section, and I'm sitting on about 500+ more new sprites from my boi, Semi. We're probably going to make some cosmetic changes to the site sometime soon, so expect to see some drastic design changes sometime in the near future, in the meantime check back for periodic updates, and tell all your friends that msprites and rips 'r' us are back, and bigger, faster, and more attractive than ever.