Results of my ketogenic intermittent fasting experiment

Last winter, i had been watching some youtube videos by the hodge twins on intermittent fasting and felt inspired to try it myself. In a previous post, i talked about the routine i created and explained why i thought it was a good idea, based on months of research and a little personal experience prior. I decided to approach my intermittent fasting routine like a science experiment, and devoted myself to being as consistent with the routine as possible, as well as tracking my weight every day.

Here is an annotated plot of the weight data i collected using google fit:


I aimed to lose 25lbs but lost 27. I was pretty impressed with the fact that i could still lose weight at this pace, years after losing 80lbs doing a semi-lazy ketogenic diet and having the effort required to lose more weight exceed my willpower under that way of dieting. I lost weight at almost twice the speed doing intermittent fasting.

Some interesting things happened along the journey, though.

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[ESSAY] Web design and OS trends that need to die

Design of OSes and webpages from 2010-present have been bugging me for quite a while. I have intentionally been avoiding upgrading from Windows 7 and prefer to browse websites with appealing pc-friendly designs ever since. It seems like desktop operating systems are now designed without desktops in mind, and websites are designed on desktops without desktops in mind in well.

I’m gonna try to make a case for why this sucks balls, from a long term power user perspective.


My local news station recently upgraded to a new ‘modern’ web design centered around mobile devices. While the decluttering may have helped, it is now devoid of color and interesting detail. The rest of the site has tons of blank space and bizarre font sizing. Which is more visually appealing to you?

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‘Why we can’t read anymore’

of the libriVox project wrote a pretty good article about internet addiction and how it is resulting in shortened attention spans and a general ‘checking out of real life’ that many people experience today.

One time I was reading on my phone while my older daughter, the four-year-old, was trying to talk to me. I didn’t quite hear what she had said, and in any case, I was reading an article about North Korea. She grabbed my face in her two hands, pulled me towards her. “Look at me,” she said, “when I’m talking to you.”