[Essay] why every libertarian should support alternative energy

The situation with energy


The United States, like many countries, have been dependent on fossil fuels since the extraction and use of it was invented. These energy-dense and economical forms of energy have dramatically increased the quality of life for the world at large.


( early cotton picking machine, circa 1886 )

Fossil fuels enabled the mechanical automation of dull, repetitive work such as farm labor, which was the primary reason that we were able to eliminate slavery in the western world earlier than most of the globe. ( notice that after the civil war, cotton was still available at prices everyone could afford? we had invented many machines to automate slave labor at a more economical price before, during, and after the civil war – slavery was outmoded by technology – not morality, unfortunately. )

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Series lipo charging, aka lipo charging tutorial


Hello folks. Been meaning to get around to making a newbie tutorial for 10S RC lipo charging for a while now. Here goes.

10S ( 36v/38v ) is very easy to live with on a day to day basis; there are a handful of RC chargers that are designed to do 10s, so finding the bits and pieces required is not too difficult. The 38v nominal voltage can easily provide 15-30mph speed on a hub motor ( depending on the motor ).  And best of all, after everything is set up, the charging process is pretty braindead and hard to goof up!

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