‘Why we can’t read anymore’

of the libriVox project wrote a pretty good article about internet addiction and how it is resulting in shortened attention spans and a general ‘checking out of real life’ that many people experience today.

One time I was reading on my phone while my older daughter, the four-year-old, was trying to talk to me. I didn’t quite hear what she had said, and in any case, I was reading an article about North Korea. She grabbed my face in her two hands, pulled me towards her. “Look at me,” she said, “when I’m talking to you.”


Still facebook free; more about why i left and where the internet is headed.

Staying off facebook: 0:00
More about why i left facebook: 2:08
Facebook’s financial ties to big banks: 4:00
Proof of FB/Google censorship: 6:39
Who’s doing the censorship: 9:59
Where the internet is headed & how the radio was censored: 11:40
What we need to do about it: 17:20
TPP and TPP information censorship: 19:21
Alternative ideas for free communication: 22:14
What i’m doing next: 25:40

A great, cheap air filter for those who suffer during the spring season

I have major sinus problems every spring due to allergies. These can get so bad that they turn into a sinus infection.

Out of fear of needing yet another round of strong antibiotics, i did some research online about sinus infections and found this blog and the video here, which shows that this “$25” filter can perform about 90% well as a 900$ filter. Pretty amazing:



Series lipo charging, aka lipo charging tutorial


Hello folks. Been meaning to get around to making a newbie tutorial for 10S RC lipo charging for a while now. Here goes.

10S ( 36v/38v ) is very easy to live with on a day to day basis; there are a handful of RC chargers that are designed to do 10s, so finding the bits and pieces required is not too difficult. The 38v nominal voltage can easily provide 15-30mph speed on a hub motor ( depending on the motor ).  And best of all, after everything is set up, the charging process is pretty braindead and hard to goof up!

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Dear internets..

I have been putting off making neptronix.org into a real site ( and not just an empty hole for hosting electric bike images ) for quite some time. More cool stuffs to come.. -neppy